Posted on 1 November 2007

But Wait, There is More!

Written by Robert Merrill

Topics: Personal

After months of contemplating going “public” about this, I have officially moved the center of my blog universe to The reason for this is to embrace the fact that I am more than just “jobs” or the “job guy” or the “recruiter”. There are a lot of things I am doing and interested in that both encompass this site and what it does, as well as other interests. For example:

  • New media consulting. Blogging and podcasting and schtuff like that is way cool to me. I can help you rock, too.
  • SEO. I am no guru, but I am better than my mom at it, and I want to help others.
  • Reviewing/commenting on social media communication tools. This is cool for recruiters, too, but much cooler for the whole world.
  • I like to write about more than just jobs.

This site will still syndicate my career-management section, and I will be adding some interesting tools to this site as well in the coming months.

Just spreading my wings a little here. Thanks for staying tuned.

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