Posted on 8 June 2007

Add Horsepower to Your Marketing Communications

Written by Robert Merrill

Topics: Utah

Steve Spence tossed me this link to check out, and I agree that Utah business communications consulting powerhouse Twelve Horses recently launched a new blog, sharing some great tips, hints and ideas for effective total-integration marketing and communications strategies, like this post:

Marketing By Accident

Marketing by accident I cant tell you how many time I have talked to companies about various aspects of their marketing strategies, and had them say, We havent really started doing [that kind] of marketing yet. It might be email, it might be a solid web site, it might be blogs, or social marketing, or any number of other flavors.

I think of this as Marketing By Accident. If someone wants to know about you or your product, and they do a search online only to find a crappy website, or no site at all, dont think for a moment that you are not doing web marketing. Make no mistake about it, you have definitely sent a message about your brand. Everything we do, or dont do is marketing. If you send an email and it is poorly written, that is your email marketing. If you dont comment on industry blogs, and have no blog of your own then you are doing blogging as part of your marketing strategy. Your blog just reads: we really dont get it.

Nothing is more valuable than your brand. Control your brand. Dont market by accident.

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