Posted on 13 February 2006

Why Do Geeks Hate Recruiters? (Request for Comment!)

I want all the blood and guts here.

I geek with the best of them, and I love it. The CTO Breakfast discusses some things that required a little more processor power than I normally allocate, but I love every terabyte of it. The Utah Geek Dinners are smothered in geeky-goodness–enchilada style.

But when I say, “I’m a tech recruiter,” people’s hands go clammy and it’s as if I’ve introduced myself as the devil himself.

Please, comment or trackback to this post. Post anonymously if you need to (Phil), but tell me the truth about why tech recruiters have violated your trust, and how I must be different to earn and maintain it.

I really do want to know. Let’s learn something here.

I’m listening.

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