Posted on 6 February 2006

Waiting To Leave — Transitioning To Your New Job

While fulfilling your commitment to stayat your oldjoband tie up loose ends, remember the less said the better. It will do no good at all to tell your boss or your co-workers how unfair you think the company is. It will serve no purpose to brag about your new position and all its benefits. Keep things to yourself.

All you have to say is that you have found a new position that better fits your long-term goals. Although you may not be able to foresee it now, some of your most important contacts in the future may be your previous employers and colleagues; dont alienate them by causing trouble when you leave.


Your boss may be surprised and unprepared for your announcement. He will be thinking of the companys best interest. A counter offer may be made in order to keep things flowing in your department. A couple of things that they may be thinking are that you wanted to leave them and that you possible interviewed for another position on their time. If so, they will probably look for someone to replace you the counter offer may be a ploy to get you to stay on until they have someone to pick up where you will be leaving off.


If you have been relatively happy in your present position, but feel the need to move on and make a career move, you will experience feelings of detachment that are quite normal. You may have second thoughts about your decision. If you have established a few good relationships there, you will feel bad about leaving your friends behind. Keep in mind that your situation is not unique and that change is necessary for progression. Prepare yourself for these feelings and you will be able to deal with them more easily. Above all, dont look back. Keep moving ahead and look forward to new opportunities and challenges. Gather up all your self-confidence and go for it!!


Picture yourself being successful in your new position and you will be more prepared for it when it happens. You are the one who can make it happen!!

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