Posted on 29 March 2006

Utah Tech Radio — Episode 3 March 29, 2006

Written by Robert Merrill

Topics: Podcasts, Utah Living

Utah Tech Radio Church SignNow in our third week, Tech Radio is gathering some new and welcome attention. We’re excited to welcome some panelists to the show and we’re looking forward to some new and interesting content ideas for your listening pleasure.

This week, we welcomed Matthew Reinbold of Mutednoise and and David Turnbull, President of Software For Starving Students.

On the show we riff about

  • Apple’s iPod volume control (which has mysteriously dissapeared off the Internet)
  • Our disgust for SPAM, (Australia’s charging companies for not blocking it)
  • Microsoft’s IE patching process
  • A $4334.33 pair of hamburgers & our thoughts about bank-float and internal business controls.
  • Someone’s trying to sell the truck form Brokeback Mountain on ebay to pay for college.
  • MySpace as Protest Platform, and how technology is creating communities that could never have existed otherwise.
  • Tivo without the Tivo & how HDTV doesn’t work with Tivo! (GASP!)
  • Rob can’t seem to stay serious and talks about a funny video on YouTube
  • XM & Sirius have been hacked to stream windows powered smartphones

Listen to the podcast now, or download for viewing later:

MP3 File length: 52:18


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  1. Robert Merrill Says:

    Specific links we wanted to talk about (from our feed)

    Idea Stock Exchange
    Rite-Solutions has a stock-market-esque system designed to harvest ideas from the entire company instead of just one or two “idea-men.”

    Filter RSS with Feed Rinse
    For more than just profanity, Feedrinse allows users to filter multiple RSS feeds into a single refined output. The pricing model, however, may be a turn off for users.

    AltaVista Search Engine Creator Dead at 42
    Paul A. Flaherty, who helped create AltaVista online search engine in 1995, has died of a heart attack at the age of 42. He died on March 16th at his home in Belmont, about 20 miles from south of San Francisco.

    RSS 2 PDF – Free Online RSS, Atom or OPML to PDF Generator
    A service in beta that can convert RSS files into PDFs for printing. You know, cause that tree was looking at you funny.

    A messy desk messes with your career
    CNN Moneys advice columnist says that a messy desk at the office can give off a bad impression and negatively affect your career. Her suggested techniques for keeping things clean and clear are very GTD:

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