Posted on 19 October 2006

Top Hires are Problem Solvers

Here’s a complete sidenote to what Phil Windley was talking about in his post When You Pick Your Tools, Pick Those That Can Build Tools

Programmers should be tool builders. If youre not building tools to make your life easier, youre wasting time.

This is one way I sniff out the top software engineers from the rest of the pack–how do they go about solving problems.

More than a year ago, in some comments I made about interviewing, I said it this way (emphasis added):

Remember that every job-opening represents a problem of some kind that the employer wants to solve.

So, thoughts to take home are:

  • When was the last time you made your tools work harder for you because you forced it to solve more problems?
  • If you were in an interview today (too late to make changes), how would your resume, blog, portfolio show that you’re solution-minded?

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