Posted on 6 February 2006

Tips on Starting Your New Job

Congratulations on the new job! Here are helpful, proven hints to make the transition better for everyone involved–especially you!

  • Your nervousness is natural, but dont let it get out of hand. If your new employer hadnt thought you were qualified, you would still be interviewing.
  • Your credentials, your manner and your dress must have impressed someone. So dress for success again on the first day. Until you have figured out the companys style, leave the fads and trendy clothes in your closet.
  • In the beginning you will have to operate in a blur of new faces, new names and new procedures. Face it you are going to make mistakes. Your supervisor knows that and so do your co-workers. Dont be too hard on yourself right now.
  • Observe the companys working style how things are done and try to fit in from the start. Ask for advice and feedback.
  • Develop relationships carefully dont take sides. Try to establish friendly relationships with all your co-workers, not just the ones who can be useful. Find supervisors and co-workers who can take you under their wings.
  • Always keep a notebook handy and ready to carry with you wherever you are taken in the facility. Take good notes all the time; ask good questions and plenty of them.
  • Remember that it is normal to feel like the new kid on the block. Everyone has felt like that and time is the only thing that will erase those insecure feelings. Time and self-confidence knowing that you are a valuable addition to the company. Be enthusiastic about the challenges lying ahead there for you.

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