Posted on 9 May 2006

Tech Radio – May 9, 2006

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TECH RADIO WITH PATRICK WISCOMBE – MAY 9, 2006 Here a rundown of what was discussed during today’s show: 

PLAYSTATION 3 – I’m a huge fan of the Playstation gaming system so I was happy to hear that Sony finally announced the release date (November 17, 2006) for the new Playstation 3.  I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s having a coronary over the price.  Can you say second mortgage?  There will be two versions of the Playstation 3 – a $499 version with a 20 gigabyte hard drive and a 60 gigabyte version for $599.  Many of you know that there are two versions of the Xbox 360.  The most you would pay for the professional version of the Xbox 360 is $399.  This should be an interesting battle between the two main competitors – Sony and Microsoft.  Nintendo is also releasing their new gaming console call Wii (pronounced WE) soon, but Nintendo is really isn’t a factor in the gaming race.

WARNER BROTHERS – Warner Brothers will become the first major studio to distribute its films and TV shows over the Internet using peer-to-peer technology developed by BitTorrent.  Pricing is undetermined at this point but individual TV shows could be priced as low as $1 and movies will be sold for about the price of buying a DVD movie in a store.  The studio will also sell permanent copies of films and TV shows online that can be burned to a backup DVD, although the copy will only play on the computer used to download the film and not on standard DVD players.  (So much for the great idea.  At least the major studios are heading in the right direction now.)  Just in case you don’t know how BitTorrent works, they use a file sharing technique called "file swarming" to distribute large files.  Rather than download a single large file from one central computer, BitTorrect assembles files from the separate bits of data downloaded from other computer users across the Internet.

Some of the other topics we discussed during today’s show include:

  • ITunes will start selling FOX TV Shows beginning today
  • The "BotMaster" was sentenced to five years in prison.
  • The Beatles management, called Apple Corps, lost their lawsuit against Apple Computer
  • Steve Jobs invited the Beatles management company, Apple Corp, to join the iTunes music store.
  • TiVo launched a service that will allow its customers to search for and watch extended commercials whey they choose. (yeah, I’m asking myself the same question.)
  • McAfee launched an anti-virus product for Intel based Macs because they say the MAC OS X is vulnerable to more viruses.
  • Samsung released the slimmest mobile phone ever.  When turned sideways, it disappears.  Just kidding.  The new phone is .27 inches thick.
  • A California start-up plans to launch a free daily comic strip service delivered to mobile phone supported by advertising revenue.
  • AT&T plans to expand its high-speed Internet offerings by selling satellite-based access to customers in rural areas who can’t use DSL.
  • Microsoft announced that it had acquired Massive, a company that inserts advertising into video games.
  • An online game that allows players that acquire huge amounts of fake money to cash in at real ATMs.
  • AOL is unveiling a VoIP based service using AIM.

As you can see, there were a fair number of topics discussed during today’s show.  Please take Tech Radio with you by burning the show to CD or subscribe to the Tech Radio podcast.

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