Posted on 16 May 2006

Tech Radio – May 13, 2006

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TECH RADIO WITH PATRICK WISCOMBE – MAY 13, 2006 –  Patrick filled in for Jackie McKay on the KSL Home Show this past weekend so the conversation naturally took on a technology flavor.  This week’s guests included one of the original member of the Tech Radio discussion panel, Matt Reinbold, with, Chris Gibbons made his debut appearance on the show.  He works for MasterControl.  Ryan Castro also made his first appearance on the show and he wanted us to promote his own personal website –  We covered a lot of ground during this week’s show.  Sony dismissed concerns about the cost of their new Playstation 3 gaming console.  They said they would release two versions of the PS3 in North American on November 17, 2006.  The 20GB version would set you back a cool $499 and the 60GB version would cost $599.  Sony officials indicated they would have 4 million units ready to ship by the end of 2006 and another 6 million units ready by the end of the first quarter of 2007.  Sony’s new controller looks similiar to the Playstation 2 model but they’ve added motion sensors to detect movement. 

Samsung is saying that they now hold the honor of having the world’s thinnest mobile phone.  The phone, according to Samsung, is so thin it could double as a bookmark.  The new mobile device also serves as an MP3 player with 80MB storage capacity.  It also has Bluetooth capabilities for connecting wirelessly to other devices and a 2 megapixel camera for taking pictures.  The phone also had a video-out port that can be used to show pictures on TV sets or computer monitors.

These were just some of the topics discussed during the show.  Please take Tech Radio with you by burning the show to CD or subscribe to the Tech Radio podcast.  If you enjoy using technology or just want to know how technology is changing our everyday lives, Tech Radio is simply one the best technology shows available on the internet.

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