Posted on 14 June 2006

Tech Radio – June 10, 2006 (2 Hours)

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TECH RADIO WITH PATRICK WISCOMBE – JUNE 10, 2006Patrick played guest host once again on the KSL Home Show this past weekend and we went two hours.  We covered a lot of ground on this week’s show because we had two hours.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) issued a recall for their HP PhotoSmart R-707 digital camera stating that they can cause a fire hazard.  If certain non rechargeable batteries are used in the cameras, they can overheat when connected to an AC adapter or docking station.  (OOPS – talk about taking some hot photos.)  HP advised owners of the PhotoSmart R707 to quit using the camera immediately and download a firmware update from the HP website. 

The governor of Texas wants to turn all the world into a virtual posse.  Rick Perry announced a $5 million plan to install hundreds of night vision cameras on private land along the Mexican border and put the live video on the Internet so anybody with a computer and an Internet connection can spot illegal immigrants trying to slip across the border can report the crime to immigration officials via a toll-free number.  Under the plan, cameras and other equipment would be supplied to willing landowners and placed along some of the most remote reaches of the border.  The live video would be made available to law enforcement officials.

A hotel in Chicago is now offering Blackberry detox.  Rick Ueno, General Manager of the Sheraton Chicago Hotel said the program which began this past Wednesday grew out of his own personal Blackberry addiction.  His one-step recovery was switching to a regular cell phone.  "I was really addicted to my Blackberry.  I had an obsession with e-mail morning and night.  There came a time when I didn’t think it was healthy for me anymore.  I had to quit cold turkey."  He believes guests might want to try the same thing for a day or two so they can concentrate on meetings while at the hotel.  he said he would take personal charge of any Blackberries or related devices guests want to surrender.  He said he will place them in his locked office.  There is no charge for the service.

Apple told MacBook owners with too hot to handle notebooks that they should check the back of their computer for a piece of plastic which should have been removed at the factory.  Symptoms of overheating laptop might include a constantly running fan and excessive heat coming off the top or bottom of the notebook. 

Those were some of the topics discussed during the show.  Please take Tech Radio with you by burning the show to CD or subscribe to the Tech Radio podcast.  If you enjoy using technology or just want to know how technology is changing our everyday lives, Tech Radio is simply one the best technology shows available on the Internet.  THANKS FOR LISTENING!

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