Posted on 25 August 2006

Hire These Web Gurus

So, I want to help Provo Labs Solutions keep Living The Dream.

[The short-story is that they are an insanely-talented startup that (for various reasons) burned through its funding. Their developers have been working on nothing but ramen-noodles and faith for the last month (no paychecks). They have some seriously awesome technologies in the oven, and they can kick TAIL in any web-development environment…] …but until some cash hits their bank, none of those dreams can become a reality, and this startup will dissolve into thin air…

In trying to help them, I have been granted limited-time access to hiring ANY/ALL of their staff right now to work on short-term-contracts for YOU or someone YOU KNOW for the next few weeks until their checks get cashed and payroll begins to flow again. These guys are ninjas with their mad web skills. Any little fires to be put out in your systems? Any small company need a web facelift on the cheap? Seriously, this is a chance to get $150/hr contractors for a SONG.

I blogged about this here: Gutsy Web 2.0 Development Team For-Hire, Cheap. If you can reblog it, forward it, DIGG IT, or in any other way help to promote these talented developers, I would appreciate it… well, if they get some green in their pockets, then THEY will appreciate it.

I’m just giving back some of the “love” they started and help these guys get some airplay, blog-play or most-importantly cash-in-the-bank play so they can get on with business and life.

Karma, you know, has a way of coming around… can you help?

P.S. And, if you know them, and want to help them directly… and for some reason don’t want to have me in the middle, no problem. My goal is to just keep them in business.

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