Posted on 6 February 2006

Giving Notice

Giving Notice to your current employer that you are leaving is an emotional process. Approach it with professionalism and courtesy, remembering the following guidelines, and everything will be fine.

  1. Date your letter
  2. Address the letter to your immediate supervisor
  3. Keep it short, to the point and on a strictly professional note
  4. Above all, be gracious and leave your emotions at home
  5. Call your recruiter when you have successfully presented your resignation so they know where you stand.

NOTE: If upon presentation of this letter you are asked to leave the company immediately, remain calm, professional and polite. Pack up and move on you have been fair and have handled everything the way it should be handled. Your progression has begun SO GET EXCITED ABOUT YOUR NEW POSITION!


[Company Name]

Attn: [Supervisor Name]

Dear ____________:

I am hereby resigning from my position as [Position], with [Company Name]. Please accept my formal notice presented to you by this letter of resignation.

I am prepared to stay through [Date], and will assist in any way possible in the training of my replacement.

I have enjoyed my association here at [Company Name] and I am grateful for the experience I have gained.

Thank you very much.


[Your Name]

Cc: [Personnel File copy or anyone else you feel should have a copy]

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  1. James Carlini Says:

    Should you give two-weeks notice? Times have changed. Re-think this whole process. Another perspective on being professional – and leaving upon giving notice:

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