Posted on 20 October 2006

Do you “Get It” ?

Written by Robert Merrill

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When it comes right down to it, one of the hardest things for a recruiter or hiring manager to determine is not what’s on a resume (resumes are not valuable on their own, and it’s too easy to find “resumes”, if that’s your goal).

The hardest thing to learn about a potential hire is who the person behind the resume really is.

  • Are they a problem-solver?
  • What’s their work-ethic?
  • Will they help champion our cause?
  • Will they think inside and outside the box?
  • Will they agree with our strategy?
  • Will they take our strategy to new heights?

A great way to reveal who you are outside the bullets and text-boxes on your resume is to blog. The point-being that a blog is a single-source of information about you–relevant and timely, an personal–and it isn’t scattered across the internet hidden in newsgroups or forums or emails on other people’s computers.

Jason Alba of Jibber Jobber fame has been giving out a monthly award to those who “get it”… at least as far as using the Internet to help you brand yourself is concerned.

This month’s You Get It winner of the month is Kent Blumberg! Of Kent, Jason says:

This prize is based on getting it that is, using the Internet to develop, enhance, reinforce a personal brand – which is one component of taking your career into your own hands. It is only one component, but it is increasingly significant.

Louise Fletcher of Blue Sky Resumes read his blog and noted (emphasis added):

I don’t know if Kent is actively job searching right now, but I do know
that he’s building a personal brand online that will ensure he is seen
as a leader in his field. What better way to make sure you never have
to send another resume again?

So, hat’s off to you, Kent. And for anyone looking for an expert in leadership, strategy and performance, I hope they’ll give you a call.

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